Since 2011, the Education Foundation of Franklin Education Connection has been awarding teacher grants for  programs benefiting students across all of Franklin Community Schools.

2019/2020 Grant Cycle – $12,759.66

Northwood Elementary: Pocket Books
With funds from FEC, personal storage pouches for books will be purchased that will encourage students’ independent reading in the classroom. 

Needham Elementary: Afternoon Yoga
This project will build on the current yoga program. Afternoon Yoga will offer students the opportunity to learn calming and mindfulness techniques that will serve as a tool to self-regulate their behaviors and will provide the equipment necessary for all students to be able to safely practice these new skills. 

Needham Elementary: Breakout
With the assistance of Breakout EDU kits, students will enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Breakout EDU games align with a variety of academic standards.

Needham Elementary: Creating Classical Readers
This project will encourage practical application of vocabulary terms students are currently learning through exposure to classical literature. 

Union Elementary: Diverse Seating for Diverse Learners
By providing students with flexible seating choices, students are given the opportunity to choose a work space that allows them to work collaborative, communicate and engage in critical thinking. 

Union Elementary: Mad About Math with Jenga
Jenga blocks will be utilized to provide math teachers with more options for fact fluency practice, overall skill practice and small group/station work while offering students the opportunity to enhance these skills and engage in cooperative play. 

Webb Elementary: Can You Hear Me Now?
The purchase of wireless microphones will allow the Drama Club at Webb to continue to operate. Students in the Drama Club will now be able to confidently read aloud, gain self-confidence, and grow academically. 

Webb Elementary: Turning Pages for a Lifetime
Once a month over six months, students will be given a book that will be theirs to take home and keep. This project seeks to curb the trend of students who do not own books at home and encourage a love of literacy for all in students’ homes.

Webb Elementary: Engaged Writing!
This project will bring writing to life for students by teaching lessons that are developed around a prop to gain student interest and excitement. These lessons will build upon the 6 Traits Writing Program currently offered in FCS curriculum. 

CBIS: T-Shirt Project
An environmental awareness project in which students will create handmade re-usable bags out of donated T-shirts that they will then give out at local grocery stores to cut down on plastic bag usage. 

CBIS: Individual/Group Support
A portable dry erase board will be used to assist individual students who need extra help while not disrupting the rest of the class. This item will benefit many students throughout the years to come.

CBIS: Using Technology to Enhance Student Understanding of Instrument Intonation
With these funds from FEC, a Harmony Director will be purchased for the Intermediate School and Middle School band students to utilize during daily rehearsals. This tool is used by highly successful band programs throughout the country. The students’ individual learning will grow deeper and more comprehensive as a result of this device. 

CBIS: We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands and at our Fingertips
This project will provide 5th grade students with different types of maps and globes to assist their understanding of physical and cultural characteristics, locate states, regions, capitols and major physical features of the United States and other countries. 

FCMS: Full STEAM Ahead: 3D Printing
With the purchase of a 3D printer, this project will enhance FCS’ Project Lead the Way Automation and Robotics STEM program and support independent exploration throughout other FCMS programs. It will offer teachers the opportunity to educate and collaborate in a cross-curricular manner that promotes student and professional growth.

FCHS: Lab Enhancement; New and Improved Balance
With funds from FEC, a high precision balance will be purchased for advanced labs that require accurate and precise measurements. This balance will be used to enhance data collection for many science labs throughout the year and will enrich the lab experience by allowing more students to participate and experience laboratory-grade equipment first hand. 

FCHS: E-Sports Equipment
Participation on an E-Sports Team will provide the opportunity for students of various backgrounds to connect and build relationships while reinforcing school as a positive place to be. This club will also increase students’ skills in critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership and potentially expose students to STEM- related opportunities.

2018 Fall Grant Cycle – $11,234.88
Creekside Elementary: Morning Tubs
Morning Tubs will allow students to think outside the box and encourage student achievement in STEM and Reading.

Creekside Elementary: Sitting Up for Success
The goals for this project are to increase the quality of work and improve students’ attention when being pulled into small groups to work on the skill deficits outlined in their Individualized Education Programs; oftentimes being pulled into hallways to work. Folding lap desks will provide a defined and structured area to work in.

CBIS: Pennant Project
This project will allow fifth grade students who currently are not offered an art class to create a design on a metal pennant drawing inspiration from their study of geometric shapes and lines in their math class. Working with community volunteers, 100 students will proudly display their pieces throughout the CBIS building and grounds. 

CBIS: Learning Lab
The Learning Lab will encourage inquisitive play and offer opportunities for students to explore and learn on their own. The kits will provide resources to enhance 5th grade students academic experience and problem solving skills. 

CBIS: Cool Beans Coffee Cart
By creating and providing a coffee cart business, Essential Skills students will be able to engage in real life vocational training and practice building many skills vital for them to be more successful throughout their lives. 

CBIS: Zen Den Calming Sensory Room
With the assistance from the Franklin Education Connection, the Zen Den will provide students with a safe space that is a distraction-free, calming zone in which students can re-group and work through negative emotions in order to return to class successfully.

Northwood Elementary: Young Hoosier Book Award
The Young Hoosier Book Award Program stimulates recreational reading among elementary school children. Students will read 12 out of the 20 nominated books in each category, then vote for their favorite. This project allows students to engage and interact with books that will help them become lifelong readers. 

Northwood Elementary: Sit Spots for Whole Body Learning
Sit Spots will be used in 3 developmental preschool classrooms daily as well as in the gross motor circuit to promote student learning and independence. By offering materials to practice foundational skills in different ways involving the whole body, Sit Spots will support some of our district’s youngest learners. 

Northwood Elementary: Sounds, Letters & Words, Oh My!
This project will provide different letter, sounds and word activity kits that can be used during daily, small group centers in all kindergarten classrooms. These materials serve as a resource for teachers that will help students in the beginning steps of their lifelong academic careers. 

Northwood Elementary: Enhancing Literacy through AMPS (Art, Music, PE and STEM).
Through collaboration, the specials teachers will create a library in the Art, Music, PE and STEM classrooms which will grow the students’ knowledge in these subject areas while increasing literacy across all subject areas. 

Needham Elementary: News You Can Use
Purchasing Scholastic News for all 4th grade students so they have access to current nonfiction events that are of high interest to school-aged students. These weekly publications will help students learn the structures of nonfiction text and use higher order thinking skills that are tied to current events. 

Needham Elementary: Create A Learning Moment (CALM Kits)
Calm kits will be made up of tools that will offer students the ability to manage their needs within the classroom and allow for students to be better prepared for core academics. Providing CALM kits for each classroom will provide support for all students and facilitate social and emotional learning; an essential life skill. 

FCMS: The Confidence Code
This project is centered on the book, “The Confidence Code” and will offer the opportunity for a group of FCMS female students to meet weekly to discuss the book and engage in discussion that supports self-confidence. The project will conclude with a self-portrait session with each participant being photographed using a theme or idea that inspires them to be confident. 

FCMS: Redefining the Restroom
A group of students who have named themselves “Teens in Action” will use vinyl stickers of positive quotes and phrases to remind their fellow students that they are not alone. Student members will start placing these stickers in the most commonly used restrooms at FCMS in order to promote positivity, self-confidence, and character. 

Union Elementary: Enriching High Ability Learners
This grant will provide novels that teach tolerance, compassion for others and kindness for 3rd and 4th grade high ability students. These novels will offer students the opportunity to explore more modern, thought-provoking literature that deals with more current issues. 

FCHS: Applied, Collaborative Music Learning Through a Developed World
With help from Franklin Education Connection, the FCHS band department will initiate a World Music Curriculum. This opportunity to work with authentic musical instruments from Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil will supply students with an authentic musical learning experience and open potential career pathways in the future. 

Webb Elementary: Get Moving Spiders
A Fuel Up To Play 60 Jump and Move Stencil Set painted onto the blacktop will offer a variety of activities including jumps, leaps, gallops, and steps to improve gross motor skills, strengthen the brain and promote healthy activity and movement.

2017 Fall Grant Cycle – $11,060.53

FCHS: Collaborative, Technology Integrated Music Learning
With help from the Franklin Education Connection, teachers in the music department for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 will initiate an online, collaborative music unit. The unit will give the students the opportunity to work with recording software for authentic musical learning experiences, thus creating an opportunities to explore new ways of learning and possible career choices in the future.

FCMS: Finch Robots in FCSC and Beyond
The Finch Robots in FCSC and Beyond program will provide FCS educators with resources to help encourage students to become creators and enrich their math, science and computer skills with an authentic and motivational activity.

Union Elementary: Informational Text Superkids Library
Informational text libraries allows students to explore engaging and fun social studies and science topics while learning to read decodable text with accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

Union Elementary: Creating Engaging, Independent Reading Stations
Creating reading stations that are fun and engaging to students. Encouraging independent work with stamps, pads, markets, magnets and cookie sheets which is engaging to the student while helping to create fluent readers.

Union Elementary: Growing Successful Readers
Purchasing packs of leveled readers to offer approachable materials for beginning readers. Providing beginning leveled text for lower leveled reading groups builds young readers’ confidence while also building foundational reading strategies.

Northwood Elementary: Uke Asked for It
Music helps develop neurophysiological distinction. This can translate into improvement in literacy and overall academics. By purchasing six additional ukuleles and equipment, we will be able to increase student involvement in the ukulele club.

Webb Elementary: Perseverance and Reasoning
Provide fun, engaging activities to students that will help them learn perseverance while developing reasoning abilities. 

Franklin Community Middle School: Reading for Life
This project will partner struggling readers in the seventh and eighth grade with first graders to complete a read-aloud. The struggling reader will be required to choose a book, prepare a lesson, practice the lesson and book before meeting with the first grader. By showcasing a student’s weakness as a strength, the student gets a chance to see how successful reading/learning can look and feel.

Franklin Community Middle School: Eight Grade Literature Circle Books
Purchasing new books that include the theme of understanding and accepting others to be utilized in literature circles for both regular and high-ability eighth grade curriculum.

Custer Baker Intermediate School: Making Reviewing Fun
Purchase a dry-erase prize wheel to make reviewing material more engaging and meaningful.

Needham Elementary: Kindergarten Engineering Kits
Provide opportunities for students to collaboratively engage in replicating and creating structures based on real life design potentially sparking an interest in the fields of math and engineering.

Franklin Community Middle & High Schools: Making Sense Out of Senses
Enhancing students academic performance through sensory organization allows students who normally struggle to organize their thoughts and attention. The use of sensory support for students with Executive Function discrepancies will assist in sustained attention and increased task completion.

Franklin Community Middle School: Being Integrated
Creating a sensory room appropriate for the middle school that can be utilized by all students as necessary. This sensory room will help students meet basic physiology and emotional needs in order to achieve at the student’s individual potential.

Franklin Community High School: Sensory Room for High School Students
To combat the high number of students who struggle with anxiety and sensory issues and offer those students a designated area. Purchasing materials needed to create the welcoming environment needed to meet a variety of sensory needs to improve student behavior and ability to remain in class.

Needham Elementary: Writing Visual Aids and Tools
Purchasing visual aids and learning tools that accompany Smeken’s Education writing instruction already in use by teachers to continue to develop and implement new ways to encourage students in reading and writing throughout the year.

Union Elementary: Teaching Exemplary Traits of Writing Through Mentor Texts
These resources will provide teachers with a way to demonstrate examples of exemplary writing to students, which will help students become more successful writers in years to come.

Northwood Elementary: Writing Mentor Texts
These resources will be an aide in helping teachers to better implement Smeken’s writing program in the classroom and students will experience greater writing achievements.

Needham Elementary: Smeken’s Writing Materials
Purchasing educational materials that complement the Smeken’s program to assist in both developing and enhancing first grade students’ writing over the course of the school year.

2015 Fall Grant Cycle – $8,081.93

Creekside Elementary School
Kindergarten Active Seating – Yoga ball type seats (with stable feet) for small learning center tables in kindergarten classrooms. Promotes brain function and focus, core strength, expends excess energy.

Creekside Elementary School
Nutrition Club Garden Project – Extension of current Nutrition Club (where students receive a bag of food each Friday for the weekend). This club would incorporate gardening and growing fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, as well as nutrition education, health and fitness and community service.

Franklin Community High School
Electronic Controls for 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands – Makes use of the 3D printer donated to FCHS. Adds electronic control modules to the prosthetic hands which can be printed using the printer.

Franklin Community High School
Vernier LabQuest – Equipment to collect, graph and analyze data in agricultural applications such as soil testing.

Northwood Elementary School
Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader – Enhance one elementary school’s Reading Counts program by purchasing 100 leveled fiction and non-fiction books.

Union and Webb Elementary Schools
Literacy in the Art Room – Use children’s biography books of famous artists to introduce them and their work to students. Build a literacy library in the art rooms at each of the two elementary schools.

Webb Elementary School
Franklin Community High School
Standing For Success – This grant will purchase three standing desks to be available for students who need a physical respite from sitting, to increase student focus and thereby increase achievement.

2014 Fall Grant Cycle – $9,313.50

Franklin Community High School
Standing For Success – This grant will purchase three standing desks to be available for students who need a physical respite from sitting, to increase student focus and thereby increase achievement.

Franklin Community High School
My Voice – Apps for Essential Skills students to enhance communication.

Franklin Community High School
FCHS Reads Book Drive – Promote student literacy through high-interest books for classrooms to increase reading stamina and engagement.

Franklin Community High School and Franklin Community Middle School
Gettin’ in the Zone: Increasing Students’ Reading Skills by Meeting Them at Their Levels – Establish comfortable reading spaces in classrooms and  libraries of high interest/low reading level  novels to promote reading engagement.

Northwood Elementary School
6 + 1 Writing Mentor Text Kits – “Writing Kits” for each 3rd and 4th grade teacher to introduce and develop writing traits.

Northwood Elementary School
Exploring the World – Provide an opportunity for all students to explore the culture and language of five countries (Mexico, Japan, France, Haiti and Germany).

2013 Fall Grant Cycle – $9,821

Creekside, Needham, Northwood and Webb Elementary Schools
Book Ala carte – book sets for 3rd and 4th grade classrooms

Creekside Elementary
K-4 Music Centers focusing on music literacy

Creekside Elementary
Art program to develop creative thinking skills

Creekside Elementary
Small group counseling materials

Franklin Community High School
Spring Musical – royalties and scores

Franklin Community High School
Biology Department – Ecological Water Testing equipment

Needham Elementary
K-4 Conflict Management (Kelso’s Choice)

Northwood Elementary
Musical instruments to enhance motor skills related to reading and math<hr>

2012 Fall Grant Cycle – $8,572

Custer Baker Intermediate
Students use inquiry, collaboration and problem-solving to design, build and drive robots to accomplish assigned tasks

Franklin Community High School
Literary Magazine by and for students

Franklin Community High School
Compile interviews, research, stories of Franklin Flood of 2008 and produce a drama similar to Thorton Wilder’s “Our Town”

Franklin Community High School
Peer Tutors will create task boxes for students K-12 with severe disabilities, specifically autism, in all eight schools in the district

Franklin Community High School
Royalties for the Spring Musical

Northwood Elementary School
Switch tools for K-4 for moderate to severely disability students to enhance communication skills

Northwood Elementary School
Nonfiction books for each grade level and NF (RC) books for two title rooms to use for interventions

2012 Spring Grant Cycle – $6,456

Creekside Elementary School
“Learn to Read, Read to Learn” – 120+ students and their parents matched non-fiction, “real life” reading

Franklin Community High School
“Math in Motion” – Hands-on problem solving project using a variety of measuring instruments involving 500+ students and four teachers

Franklin Community High School
“TAP” (Transition to Adulthood Program) – Provides continuing education for essential skills students ages 18-22

Webb Elementary School
“Magic Keyboard” – Introduces Kindergarten through 4th grade students (300+) to basic keyboard skills which research has shown strengthens math and science skills

Webb Elementary School
“Lights, Camera, Action; Engaging Reluctant Readers through Digital Media” – 284+ students produce digital book trailers recommending books to other students

2011 Fall Grant Cycle – $12,922

Creekside Elementary School
“Author’s Academy” – A trait-based writing program (involving seven teachers and 125+ students) providing experiences to improve individual student growth in both reading and writing

Custer Baker Intermediate School
“Heads High” – An after-school program for at risk boys to help increase their self-esteem and to teach them to set goals

Franklin Community High School
“Final Cut Pro” – Pilot program to create student opportunities with student productions including FCHS news features and announcements involving over 100 students and two teachers

Franklin Community High School
FCHS Spring Musical – Funds will help fund copyrights for music for spring production which involves large cross-section of FCHS students and staff

Franklin Community High School
FCHS Art Mural – FCHS art students will create 100-foot-long mural, 6 feet off the floor in a public area, depicting cultural and athletic pursuits of past and present students

Franklin Community Middle School
“African Pen Pal” – Seventh grade students will correspond with 4th through 12th grade students in Kager, Kenya