Susan-Needs-More-MathOf course Susan needs help with Math facts – and language arts skills like reading, spelling and writing. But after only a few sessions, it was very obvious that more was needed.

Susan was tense, sometimes arguing and reluctant to go along with the study plans sent by her teacher. Gosh! Look at all those kids working so diligently and happily with their “Study Buddies.”

She’s tired, she’s frustrated, and the work just seems to be getting more and more challenging –
I know what she feels like: you’re standing in a train station, and all you can see is the train moving away from you – no matter how fast you run, you will never catch up.

And then I thought: “Maybe we don’t need to catch up?” Everyone is tired and frustrated – throughout life at times – feeling that we are being left behind. The truth is, there is more than one train. All we have to do is make progress.

With this thought in mind – there seems to be less pressure. We have been freed up to just enjoy the journey – which is OUR progress at OUR pace. School has become such a race – comparing ourselves to everyone and everything. The real truth: REAL education is a lifelong journey.

If Susan keeps up at this pace – she might even pass that train someday!

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Susan Needs More Than Math Facts