CS_SC-14 - 20150122My 2nd grader Bailey is cheerful and very quick as she checks off the assignments her teacher makes for our sessions together.

My input is usually just asking Bailey to please write spelling words and numbers more slowly and carefully so that they are more easily readable. I remind her that if her teacher cannot read her writing, of course, her grade will not be good.

At the end of our time together, Bailey enjoys counting the dollars and change in my purse. I try to have 20s, 10s, a 5-dollar bill or two, and a handful of ones. One week I even had a two-dollar bill. Last week, when she had it all counted, I was impressed when she commented, “If you had one more nickel, you would have another quarter’s worth.” I told her that was good thinking. Obviously, she “gets” it!

I was impressed.

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Bailey Enjoys Counting Money