Stack-of-BooksDaniel spent most of second grade out of school because of behavioral issues. When he came back to Webb this year, he was only reading at the kindergarten level and was embarrassed to go to the media center to check out books because he only read “baby books.”

The books he was interested in were too hard for him to read. And the books he could read, he wasn’t interested in. He wouldn’t even open a book to try to read because he easily got frustrated. He’d wait for someone to read to him.

But a grant that all four Title I schools received last year, bought leveled readers for students in 3rd and 4th grades. This meant that Daniel could find books in his classroom that interested him, but were written at a level he could read. By the end of the first semester, Daniel was reading at the first grade level.

Not only that, he actually enjoys reading and going to the Media Center. He’ll grab a book and open it up on his own. If he doesn’t know a word, he won’t give up and shut the book like he used to. He’ll try to sound the word out, and if he still can’t get it, he’ll ask for help. Something he never would have done before.

His teacher, Lee Ann Uecker, says that Daniel has found reading success. He is able to read a book by himself and pass a “Reading Counts” comprehension quiz. “If it weren’t for this grant, we wouldn’t have been able to buy these books which are readily available in the classroom. Teachers don’t have to spend an entire reading period in the media center researching appropriate books.”

Daniel’s success is not an isolated story. In fact, reading skills across the corporation have increased dramatically. Third graders grew from 10% to 79% reading on grade level and Fourth graders grew from 16% reading on grade level to 85%!

Daniel is so proud, because he doesn’t read baby books anymore.

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Daniel Doesn’t Read Baby Books Anymore