We asked Erin Bullhorst to share what her experience as a first-time Study Buddy has taught her and what she would tell others who were considering becoming a Study Buddy.  “When I invest my time to help give my study buddy what she needs, whether it’s help with spelling or math, or just time to decompress, its rewarding.  Most of the time she just wants to read to me. This week I told her I needed to find out how many more times we were meeting before the end of the year.  As she skipped back to her classroom she said, “I hope it’s a million.”  I had no idea our time meant so much to her, and now it means even more to me.  Thank you Study Connections for the opportunity to serve!”  Thank you, Erin, for dedicating your time to your Buddy and making an impact! Reach out to us today to learn more about becoming a Study Buddy!

“I Hope It’s a Million”