For website.01When my Study Connection student and I first started working together, he resisted making eye-contact with me, and he had very little to say. Learning seemed to be difficult. But Danny usually works hard, and I know his teachers work very hard on his behalf. As a tutor, I have seen progress being made, and I know it has not always been easy. Sometimes it has been slow, but it is happening. By working hard and keeping at it, good results are being attained. That is what is so important.

Now Danny can look me in the eye and carry on a good conversation, especially when we are discussing sharks, action figures, etc. He enjoys reading books about his favorite characters, also. Danny has had a lot of encouragement from his teachers and his mother. I am excited to see the progress being made on his behalf and delighted to be able to add to the activity of learning.

It’s All About Hard Work