7935 for websiteSarah seemed to have an urgent need to show me her Everyday Math homework one afternoon at Study Connection. I thought to my-self, “Hmmm, I’ve never seen her get so excited about a piece of math homework from her teacher.” We proceeded to get right to work. As I had her read aloud each of the math story problems, I noticed that by each story, she wrote in all capitals: C U B E S. Next, she progressed to give me this cute, sideways smile and glance as she wrote C U B E S next to each math story.

We continued down the list of math story problems and Sarah continued to give me this look like, “Why are you not asking me why I am writing the word C U B E S next to each story?” There were no geometric problems on this sheet at all! I waited until the very last story problem to ask her why. She radiates this big smile on her face and proceeds to teach me with confidence a strategy she learned in school that day for the acronym C U B E S. She demonstrated what she had been doing all along in each story problem: Circle, Underline, Box, Evaluate, and Solve.

Next, Sarah introduced a website that her teacher showed her with the C U B E S strategy. It was very colorful and clear. Once she finished “teaching me” she said, “Ok, now you tell me what C U B E S means without looking. Thankfully, I rattled them off!

Sarah’s success with these Simple Step Strategies not only impacted her self-worth with purposeful learning, but reminded me of the joy of the simplicity of learning together. We’re a Team! 🙂

Sarah Succeeds With Simple Step Strategies